Heliospectra LED LX602


Heliospectra LX602 LED Indoor Grow Fixture 630 W

The highly engineered Heliospectra LX602 is an LED grow light that replaces High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in commercial greenhouse environments.

While greenhouses enable growers to take advantage of natural sunlight, ambitious growers are using supplemental lighting to provide longer photoperiods and to implement additional cycles in a greenhouse’s annual production. Regardless of the season, Heliospectra LED grow lights allow growers to modify the light spectrum using a built-in control software and scheduling program, an interface that gives remote control over the exact parameters of the lamp’s operation without ever needing to touch a power knob or manual timer. This is smart technology for savvy growers ready to advance their operation.

HelioGallery960wThe LX602 optical distribution is ideal for greenhouses when the light needs to be mounted at a higher distance from the plant than indoor cultivation, while still maintaining a wide, uniform light distribution concentrated into the canopy. The LX60 Series has been third-party verified as one of the most efficient and versatile on the market, with the efficiency equal to a 1000W HPS/HID but with up to half the energy consumption.

These lamps enable cultivators to change the light spectrum during different growth cycles. This means seasonal greenhouse concerns can be accommodated for when scheduling growth cycles.

“The lights definitely grow our plants faster in the winter months helping us maintain a more consistent production schedule.” Ryan Hyde, President of Manatua Gardens, Ohio.

Pink House Blooms, a marijuana cultivator in Colorado reports that they have harvested equal or greater yields under the LX60, when compared to yields under the high-pressure sodium lamps they have used in the past. But perhaps more importantly, they have also managed to reduce the flowering cycle of their plants by manipulating exposure to certain wavelengths of light.

Forever Green Indoors has also been chosen as the installation and technical growing teams to improve sales and enhance service for its customers. We will help you with your lighting plan and also help set up the network interface of these fixtures so you have complete control over your growing environment.