Heliospectra LED LX601


Heliospectra LX601 Greenhouse LED Fixture

Highly Researched and Tested LED Grow Technology from Sweden

The market’s premier product for indoor horticultural lighting applications. The optical distribution of the LX601 is ideal for the light to be close to the plant – either for higher intensities or due to space constraints – while maintaining a wide, uniform light distribution. The LX601 is excellent in an indoor grow environment and is a proven and tested LED grow fixture.

You can now intelligently adapt lighting to the needs of plants through real-time spectrum regulation and intensity adjustment.


Recommended Applications

  • Controlled environments agriculture
  • Commercial horticulture
  • Research greenhouses
  • Hobby/indoor gardening

Built-in Intelligent Controls

Quality, Intensity, & Duration – three primary light concerns for growing your plants. It is now easy to control these factors to meet the varying needs of different plants using our built-in web UI.

No more hand-turning spectrum dials (quality & intensity) or setting wall timers (duration). The Heliospectra LX60 series has an on-board computer, web interface, remote monitoring, and open API  that puts the control in your hands.

We offer a 3 year warranty on all of our products.

Now THAT is smart technology for helping a grow operation be successful.