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Give your plants a bulb to grow on. Our GrowAdvantage PAR38 LED Grow lamp maximizes plant growth and PAR productiveness.

 22.40 umol/s PAR / 13W REPLACES 90wBULB


  • 85% more PAR light per watt vs other grow lights
  • Optimized spectrum to maximize growth
  • Use for any plant species
  • Available in broad spectrum white or blue & red

The proprietary LED source targets the key portions of the spectrum delivering more red and blue PAR per watt than other grow lights, resulting in healthier plants and greater yield.

What Experts Say About Grow Lighting:

“Plant growth is primarily influenced by the average amount of light received each day. In other words, plant growth is influenced by the number of hours of light and the intensity of light during the day.”

— Dr. Erik Runkle, PhD, Vice Chair of International Society for Horticultural Science Orchid Working Group & Floriculture Extension Specialist at Michigan State University


“LEDs have numerous technical advantages for plant lighting, including cool emitters that allow close placement to plant surfaces without scorching them.”

— Dr. Cary A Mitchell, PhD, Dept. of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Purdue University