LED Cloner

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The LED CLONER, a full spectrum LED luminaire designed for cloning and vegetative cycles
• Full spectrum
• More PAR output than fluorescent fixtures
• Qualifies for utility rebates
• 200 W version & 300 W version available

• Seamlessly replaces 4 or 6 lamp T5HO fluorescent units
• Uses 40% less energy than a 6-lamp T5HO fluorescent but provides 10% more PAR energy
• Rated life of 50,000 hours, over 5 years of operation at 24/7LED cloner at 1 ft • Low-profile for applications with limited overhead space, such as vertical racks
• Full spectrum white LED light provides better spectral and PAR performance than traditional 54W T5HO
• Louvered housings promote cooler operation and extended life
• Durable, die formed heavy gauge steel with powder coated high-gloss enamel finish
• Highly specular anodized aluminum reflectors providing maximum usable light energy
• UL listed constant current electronic driver with 120 ~ 277VAC voltage sensing input
• Standard 0-10V dimming is compatible with aftermarket lighting controllers
• Standard 10’ line cord with 120VAC plug

Comparison with fluorescent

LED cloner spectrum vs T5HO