“We will no longer be growing pot in the hoop house.  All our cannabis will be grown in the bloom room…There are several reasons to only grow indoors.  The most important is that there was a 70% increase in resin production when we grew the same strain both outdoors and then indoors under your lights.  No one wanted to buy the 14% THC that was grown outdoors.  Whereas, the same Cinex strain was grown under the VividGro 2 lights and produced 24% THC.  This ‘top-shelf’ was easy to sell.  We went from bust to boom by changing the VividGro 2 lights!

Ralph Sherman

“By replacing half the fixtures in a typical Strainwise, Denver Colorado, flowering room, an average 24% increase in dry bud yield was observed while using 47% less electricity to create the light. A significant 83% increase in efficiency was also observed (g/kWh).”
“At first we were skeptical about switching to LED technology, due to the negative impact that previous LED grow fixture manufacturers have created in this market. We accommodated two test using the LSG fixtures and had impressive results” said Nick Hice, co-owner and principle at Denver Relief MMC and Denver Relief Consulting. “We are planning to expand our grow operation, and conversion to Lighting Science LED technology will be part of those plans. We have begun advocating the incorporation of this technology in our consulting business as well.”

Denver Relief, Denver, Colorado

“We’ve used a number of grow methods in both the U.S. and Europe including many different lighting sources. We were interested in seeing how LED could compare to the HPS and MH lamps we had used in the past, plus were interested in the heat reduction of the lamp so we could design grow rooms that were completely independent of expensive and energy heavy air conditioning units. We put the lamp to the test and were completely blown away by the quality and quantity of the yield we experienced using the light.Now we are designing all our grow rooms around this kind of efficiency and look forward to the increased yield that has been proven with this fixture.”

MapitoUSA, Spokane, Washington

“Truly an amazing grow. These flowers are gigantic. We have completed the trimming on the LED side and very impressed with how dense the actual flowers are. They are covered in crystals and every bud was large. We have never had a grow where the lower buds were comparable to the upper buds. Their coloring is extremely beautiful and we are impressed!

Even with the much larger expense up front, we truly see the value in these lights. The environmental impact, the actual savings in bulbs and electricity and the overall enjoyment of working under these lights vs HPS has sealed the deal regardless of how the test turned out!”

Medical Grow, Salkum, WA

“Reviewing the benefits of the Icarus, we found that bud formation was uniform across our canopy (even growing different strains) and noticed that even the lowest hanging branches produced dense buds. The trichomes overall increased substantially, producing sugar coated buds emitting robust terpenes. Even with the heavy yields, we didn’t have to support the branches as much because the structure and vigor of the plant held the extra weight appropriately.”

Greenfield Alaska

“The lights are just absolutely amazing. I had a sickly bamboo suffering from lack of light that is returning from a near-death experience thanks to these lights. This is a picture of the first finished tower with happy orchids and my plumeria and ginger cuttings from Hawaii. If you are going to make another order for lights let me know, I could certainly use more of these beauties to make another tower and am interested in ordering more. There is literally no other LED fixture on the market who compares. Kill-a-watt says they use next to no electricity. We love them!”

K. Kimball, Washington