VividGro V2 LED Grow Light


VividGro V2 Advantage Highbay LED Grow LightPrint

The VividGro V2 is a true 1:1 replacement for a 1000 W HPS fixture.

v2_combo_600wCovering a full 4×4 area with optimized beam penetration, color spectrum, and increased light levels, the V2 is the only light you need for your flowering cycle to gain all the benefits of growing state- of-the-art, scientifically proven technology.

Proudly offered by Lighting Science Group, leaders in innovation and biological technology for humans and plants, Lighting Science has made a priority of meeting the needs of its customers with scientifically proven and designed lighting products.

– Same spectrum as V1 with tests proving increased dry bud yield up to 28%

– Up to 70% higher µmol PAR/J delivered to canopy than HPS

– Light tuned to penetrate down into, and across the canopy  without

inefficient PAR spikes. Promotes even growth throughout the canopy.

– 50,000 hour degradation-free life expectancy

– No bulbs or ballasts to change or repair

– 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Independent lab testing proves our LED grow light delivers higher density, higher yields, and higher energy-efficiency compared to traditional growing techniques, with no compromise to quality of the product. This product has been specifically designed for optimized color spectrum and light output during the bloom cycles of flowering. This is a 1:1 replacement for 1000 W HPS grow lights.

Innovative Technology

Traditional HPS and MH grow lights weren’t designed to grow anything, let alone cannabis. They were designed to light parking spaces, streets, and outdoor arenas. They’re inefficient for growing, burn the plants and waste valuable resources and money.

The solution to this was to design a light with a spectrum of light, a sphere of coverage and ideal temperature for growing plants, not illuminating objects. The VividGro V2 light fixture is actually designed AND built in North America, not overseas. It is the only fixture backed by science and independent lab testing and is wet rated, not just damp rated. This lamp is for solid, serious businesspeople who are creating a professional grow operation and are looking for a fixture to not only save money on energy but create increased yield, resulting in higher profits for your I502 business.

VividGro V2 Grow Fixture Installation Manual