VividGro V1 LED Grow Light


VividGro V1 Advantage Highbay LED Grow Light


Independent lab testing proves our LED grow light delivers higher density, higher yields, and higher energy-efficiency compared to traditional growing techniques, with no compromise to quality of the product. This product has been specifically designed for optimized color spectrum and light output during the veg cycles of flowering. This is a 1:1 replacement for 1000 W or 600 W HPS grow lights.

Innovative Technology

Traditional HPS and MH grow lights weren’t designed to grow anything, let alone cannabis. They were designed to light parking spaces, streets, and outdoor arenas. They’re inefficient for growing, burn the plants and waste valuable resources and money.

The solution to this was to design a light with a spectrum of light, a sphere of coverage and ideal temperature for growing plants, not illuminating objects. The VividGro V1 light fixture is actually designed AND built in North America, not overseas. It is the only fixture backed by science and independent lab testing and is wet rated, not just damp rated. This lamp is for solid, serious businesspeople who are creating a professional grow operation and are looking for a fixture to not only save money on energy but create increased yield, resulting in higher profits.

Our LED fixture was designed specifically for the cannabis industry by a NASA scientist, who, while with NASA, supported the bio-regenerative life support systems research program. His research was devoted to keeping humans alive for long-duration space missions: research focusing on producing sustainable foods efficiently in outer-space for astronauts. Now working on earthly applications, he and his team, along with a highly respected multi-million dollar LED lighting company, have developed a highly-efficient light that decreases your energy consumption dramatically, and increases your yield.

VividGro V1 HighBay Installation Instructions