WaterPulse Irrigation Mats

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Capillary Irrigation Mats for Cannabis

• Reduces water consumption by 50-90%
• Reduces watering labor 90-99%
• Increases yield & uniformity – Encourages extensive root growth
• Delivers nutrients through the mat
• Enables consistent plant quality

These next-generation capillary irrigation mats take advantage of soil’s natural capillary action, and move water from the mats to the plants uniformly from below. While eliminating the need for labor-intensive hand watering or wasteful overhead watering, the soil (or other medium) draws the water the plant needs, ensuring consistent water and nutrient delivery to each plant. Roots grow more vigorously, and they aren’t sitting in a pool of harmful water.


Open and Closed Mats
Our open-ended mats are bound on three sides. They are available in 4′ and 5′ widths, and custom cut to length for your growing environment. The mats are equipped with the PVC header connecting to two drip tapes that run the length of the mat. Connected to a water source and timer, these mats provide the most efficient irrigation system to grow your crop: water and manual labor are saved. These mats require access to a drainage point.

Our closed mats are bound on all four sides, and are designed for areas lacking a drainage point, for instance racks or tables. The patent-pending ‘Vortex’ system injects water directly into the mat. When used with an irrigation timer they can save on water and labor. Sizes are: 2’x8’, 6’x17”, and 6’x34”.